Who Are Rentival?

Our team can supply all the equipment you need to help you create your own personal miniature festival in your garden or on rented land.

Whether you want to celebrate a milestone birthday in style, arrange a huge party for the kids or get the old gang back together for the day, we have the skills, the equipment and the experience to create a home festival that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

How do we help you put on your own festival?

We’ll take care of everything for you!

A member of our team will visit your site to take a look at the space and discuss what sort of party you’re having. It could be a birthday celebration, a graduation party, a bar mitzvah or your gran’s 90th – whatever you’re planning, we can make it happen.

We recommend that you host the event for between 20 and two hundred people. All you really need is the garden – we’ll supply all the equipment you need to bring your festival to life.

Our Main Stage package includes all staging equipment and lighting, along with a robust canopy to shield the setup from the elements. We will then design the dance arena to work within your garden space using hay bales, flags, bunting and lanterns. And we can get our hands on plenty of neon accessories to satisfy all you ravers out there!

This package also includes invitations to the event, which are to be sent out to your guests as tickets. Everyone who attends will receive a Rentival guest band – it’s the only way to filter out those pesky gatecrashers.

In addition to the equipment and services offered within our Main Stage package, and if space permits, we can also set up a campsite so you and your guests can party on well into the night. We’ll provide two-person tents and a designated camping area so you can set up your own weekender.

And of course, a festival isn’t a festival without the infamous loos. We can supply portable toilets to help you recreate a totally authentic festival experience in your garden (and keep muddy wellies off the carpets).

Essentially, we provide the setting and structure for your festival only. This is because music tastes and food and drink requirements tend to be very personal. We are happy to discuss these requirements if needed and can recommend DJs, bands, and caterers from our list of partners.

We’re always happy to discuss and accommodate your ideas too. Just email us or call us anytime to speak with a member of staff.

One last thing: it is always the responsibility of the hirer to arrange suitable parking permits for the event if required. Make sure your guests have somewhere to leave their vehicles before the festivities commence!

How much space do we need?

We work with gardens of all sizes, subject to the layout of the space and the access available.

When we arrive at your location 24 hours before the festival is due to take place, you’ll need to make sure that the space is completely clear, and conditions are stable and secure. We’ll then erect and install all the festival hire equipment to your satisfaction.

We then return no earlier than 24 hours after the event to clear the site.

Which areas do we cover?

Rentival is based in Essex, which means we’re perfectly placed to cover most of the South East of England. We regularly take bookings in London.