Hire a Festival

Ever thought about arranging your own festival, but been put off by the hard work involved in staging such a mammoth event? Rentival exists to take the hassle out of putting on a festival-themed party in your very own back garden.

That’s right – we offer everything you need for your own festival-style production!

What we do

Festival themed parties have only increased in popularity in the last few years. More and more party planners throughout the UK are looking to recreate the hippie vibes of Glastonbury in their own home, on their own terms – but finding the right equipment, setting up sound and lighting rigs, managing campsites and making sure the event runs smoothly from start to finish is certainly no mean feat.

We offer a professional, reliable and affordable festival hire service for party-goers who have big ideas in mind for their next big celebration, but don’t want to spend time arranging the finer details.

How we do it

We can work with all kinds of spaces, from smaller back gardens to large rented fields.

First of all, we’ll talk to you about the kind of festival you want to arrange for your guests. Then, once we’ve assessed the space and made sure that there’s suitable access for the festival, we’ll put together a hire package that will provide you with all the equipment and supplies you need to enjoy a totally authentic festival experience.

You can hire a one-day festival, or ask us to produce an event that runs over the course of a few days. We can provide camping tents, portable loos, ground coverings and everything else you need to create your perfect festival setting.

For plenty of festival party ideas, and for a complete breakdown of our festival hire services, contact Rentival today!